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It's fun playing online role playing games that's why many kids are hooked on them.

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RPG Games in the 21st Century

What is RPG? It is an online role-playing game (RPG) where the player, human in this case, enters a digital world where he (his character) can take on missions in order to level up, to obtain items, to unlock new skills, to upgrade weapons, to promote his rankings, and whatnots.
Sounds totally awesome, eh? It sure is fun to play an online RPG. An avid gamer can easily play 25 hours a day! Just imagine all the missions he can accomplish then, all the items and skills he can upgrade.
No wonder a lot of kids and kids at heart are so hooked in playing online RPG. Look, you can be around the world in eighty (80) minutes. You can be at a very wonderful kingdom one (1) second and at a very dreadful dungeon the next. That is all thanks to the infinite locations an online RPG has to offer.
Talking about offerings, online RPG characters also boast fab clothes, costumes, armors, or what-so-ever you may want to call it. A player may even consume hours ? or even days ? by customizing his character. I, personally, could get really used to this fancy getup building thing.
Okay, so you must now be wondering why this article is titled “Why You Should Stop Playing Online RPG” when it talks about all the “good” stuff. Hold it right there! I just wanted to be fair. That’s all. I just wanted to lay all of its aces before I lay my set of Jokers.
So here goes:
You are a real person. A living, breathing, human being, while your online RPG character is nothing but pixels. An addicted gamer can spend his whole day inside this unreal world. Well, I don’t know about you, but something’s just not quite right. He must still have a real life ? a social one. One that makes him inter act with real people, just like his self and not just some avatar some random stranger made.
Moreover, if you have been sitting all day, tapping away on your keyboard and clicking like crazy on your mouse, then it is pretty obvious that you are not getting enough sleep and rest, proper nutrition, and physical exercise. Playing too much online RPG may and can kill you. Trust me. There has already been a reported incident like this one.
So if you cannot stop yourself, just play moderately. Live a balanced life. Learn to separate your real world from your game realm. Your online RPG character may be invincible, but your human body isn’t.

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