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Online RPGs have become famous and popular due to the improvement in internet technology.

RPG Games

The Shift to Online RPG Games

Online RPG Games paved the way to a new generation of PC gaming in the whole industry. With the rise of faster Internet connections, high-end PCs capable of running high-end games without a glitch, it was only a matter of time before the PC outperformed its competitors in the gaming world. Online RPG Games became popular almost immediately, with new games coming out at a fast pace a couple of years ago. Online RPG Games or Role-Playing Games suddenly became the flagship genre for PC as it outclassed the strategy games in which PC was most known for. The most popular Online RPG Games are World of Warcraft, Ragnarok, Flyff and Ran Online, among others. World of Warcraft is currently the most-subscribed Online RPG Game with over seven million players as of July 2013. The game also holds a Guinness World Record for the most popular Online RPG Game by subscribers. Among Online RPG Games, one that must not be forgotten is the Ragnarok series. Based on a comic, the series became a big hit right after its release in the year 2002 in South Korea. The introduction of the Job System basically defined the game itself and the interaction that players were able to engage in. However, Online RPG Games are not only limited to high-end gaming softwares, as there are also browser-based Online RPG Games, which means anyone can play these games directly on their PCs straight through their browsers without installing anything. Runescape is probably the most played browser-based Online RPG Game of all time. The graphics were very good for its time. The amount of quests, armors and weapons, and the overall plot of the game itself were also well-received. Another popular Online RPG Game is DragonFable, where players get to roam around the world, earning experience, buying weapons, and doing quests that will improve their own characters. If you ever get tired of playing sports or strategy games, why not give Online RPG Games a try? Being a game in which you can create your own character, raise them by yourself, explore the game world with your own eyes and most importantly, interact with players all around the world who have the same goals in mind, Online RPG Games might just be the thing for you.

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