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Experts say that it is because virtual characters in online RPG games and online services have become so advanced they are leading people to detach from themselves.<br/>

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Should I Play Online RPG Games?

“There definitely seems to be a correlation between violent game use and aggressive behavior. … The reality is these games must teach you something. … When you’re actively participating, looking at various weapons, getting reinforcement and recognition for your achievements from the game and from other players…I think it desensitizes you.” - Dr. Michael Fraser, a clinical psychologist in New York City and professor at Weill Cornell Medical College
Whatever online RPG games we are playing surely they have mental effect on us. One study conducted at New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to help people who are suffering from traumatic illnesses caused by online RPG games. The study shows that online RPG games exercise featuring a veteran with post traumatic stress disorder or (PTSD) prompts users to make a choice about the types of questions they ask and the order they ask them. They can also see and hear how the patient responds and literally read their thoughts in a thought bubble. The program aimed at primary care providers provides role-playing scenarios for the four most common trauma-related diseases: sexual assault, substance abuse, depression and PTSD.
But let’s look the other side of the coin, online RPG games have health benefits too. Role-playing games are actually quite beneficial, including sublimation of aggression, the encouragement of ""imagination, creativity, reading, group cooperation, social interaction, and the benefit of mutual assistance even with diverse racial perspectives"" (Gygax 1989:150).
If you play computer games for short periods of time it's unlikely to have a huge impact on your health (though obviously it's probably not great for your eyes, as with watching TV). Bottom line of this is how you balance your time of playing online RPG games. As long as you can manage your time with your family, friends and other stuffs you need to do there is nothing wrong with it.

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