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Playing online RPG games can lead to an addiction to video games

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Online Role Playing Game Addiction

Online Role Playing Game Addiction is presently the fastest growing addiction in the world. In fact, instead of going to classes, children will go to computer shops or stay in their home just to play a game. Playing Online Role Playing Game becomes also the very first reason why Students do not do their assignments and do not study well which causes failing grades and worst, they isolate themselves from their family.
According to the gamers I have talked to about Online Role Playing Game, they say that they play because of boredom. There wouldn’t be so many people playing Online Role Playing game and consuming long hours just for playing if it is not interesting. Interesting in a manner that they can escape from boredom. It is obvious that some just play because they just want to play and connect with other people. Some also say they play because they want to be a hero or something that they can’t do in the real world. Some also say they play because they can connect with different people in the internet through the world of Virtual Fantasy as a substitution for the real life in the world. Some also say, they play because they can find someone in the internet who can play with them and they have the same interest on things through the internet which they can’t get in the real world.
Online Role Playing Game addiction is so dangerous nowadays because instead of living in a real world, spending time with families and friends, they are giving almost all their time playing and sometimes they don't stop playing until they win the game which causes them sometimes not sleeping. Worst is some gamers can create their own avatars where he pretends to be somebody else other than his true identity. Those who create a secret life in the virtual fantasy is so risky because they are the one who suffer from low esteem feelings which lead sometimes to medical problems of depression.
There's nothing wrong in playing Online Role Playing Game unless gamers know how to balance their time. What makes it bad is when gamers are addicted into it.

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